The Wine Industry is another growing consumer goods industry in the United States. With a wide variety of grapes, brands of wine, and available choices for every palate, this can create a highly competitive market.

Wine is normally packaged in glass bottles of various sizes and colors such as green and amber to block out ultraviolet radiation and maintain the flavor and aroma of the wine. Wine is also packaged in plastic miniature size bottles. The latest trend includes aluminum cans. Regardless of the primary container, packaging includes decorative labels and natural or synthetic corks with tamper-evident capsules as well as threaded aluminum roll over pilfer proof (ROPP) closures to ensure product integrity.

Omnifission Inc., (Canada) has extensive experience in the wine Industry and offers many options for 100% product inspection to protect your brand, guaranteeing that your products are market ready in quality and appearance when they leave your production floor. From empty bottle inspection to partition inspection, through wet case detection and all other inspection requirements in-between, we understand your industry and your quality expectations.

Features & Benefits

* Empty Can Inspection
* Empty bottle Inspection
* Fill level Inspection
* Cap Inspection
* Closure Inspection
* Label Inspection
* Seal Integrity – Foil and film closures
* 2D/3D Bar Code Inspection
* Date Code / Lot Code Inspection
* Leak Detection – Vacuum / Pressure
* Filler Vent Tube Detection
* Wet Case Detection
* Carton Inspection
* Secondary Packaging Inspection – damaged packaging or missing products
* Partition Inspection – detects misplaced, damaged or missing partitions
* Empty Case Inspection – detects missing bottles, debris, missing caps, high bottles
* Product Rejection Systems – automatically removes defective products from production line