Wet Case Detection System

Omnifission’s Wet Case Detection System is an invaluable tool for detecting wet cases and trays. This system can be effectively utilized in any industry that is producing and packaging liquids. The wet case detector uses a sensor bar integrated into the conveyor and monitors the cases as they travel over this bar and down the production line. In the event of a wet case or tray the liquid increases conductivity between the two connections of the sensor bar. This signal is then interpreted by the PLC and based on a user set threshold the case is tracked and is pushed off the conveyor by an Omnifission Case Rejection System. The Wet Case Detection System can also be used to notify production personnel if a preprogrammed number of wet cases have been detected by the sensor bar, indicating a production issue.

Features & Benefits

* Detects Wet Cases at up to 160 cases per minute
* Standard 16” sensor bar
* Integrated UPS
* 8” HMI
* Optional 15” HMI with Remote Access
* IP 65 Electronics Enclosure
* Optional Omniline case rejection system or line stop output available
* Easy Installation