Vent Tube Detection System

The Omnicheck Vent Tube Detection System detects the presence of a vent tube that has fallen into a glass or a PET bottle during the filling process. This system can be utilized across many industries that are producing and packaging liquid products. Vent tubes are visually difficult to detect by operators after the bottles have been filled and because of dark glass and labels that may also mask the vent tube image. The presence of a vent tube in a beverage bottle is not only a problem for the consumer but can also tarnish the reputation of your brand. Reliable detection, tracking and rejection of this type of contaminant is an absolute necessity.

Features & Benefits

* Detects the presence of a fallen vent tube in a glass or PET Bottle
* Compact Design
* Designed to operate in harsh environments with washdown conditions
* Easily and quickly installed on existing production lines in the field
* Capable of inspecting up to 1400 products per minute
* Optional Omniline rejection system or line stop output available