Our product inspection systems are modular in design, upgradeable in the field, and are specifically configured for each customers application. A partial list of our product inspection solutions includes label, cap, closure and liquid fill inspection, empty bottle inspection, empty can inspection, product profiling solutions to detect missing, damaged or nonconforming products in cases and crates, as well as inspecting for defective secondary packaging.

Our highly trained professionals will recommend multiple solutions for your application based on budget, performance requirements and future system expandability. We execute all phases of a successful product inspection solution from purchase, installation, and training of your personnel. At your request we can schedule a walk-through of your facility to address all your product inspection requirements.

Whether your brand identity is new or has taken many years to establish and maintain, this is what separates your company from your competitors. Our lineup of product inspection systems are here to “Protect your brand – That’s what we do”. Please contact us and let us know how we can help. We look forward to hearing from you. [email protected].

Inspection Solutions

Omnicheck 360
Vision Inspection System

Omnicheck 1X
Label Presence System

Omnicheck ECI
Empty Can Inspection System

Omnicheck EBI
Empty Bottle Inspection System

Omnicheck 3DL
Case/Crate Inspection System

Omnicheck LDS
Leak Detection System

Omnicheck VTD
Vent Tube Detection System

Omnicheck WCD
Wet Case Detection System

Rejection Solutions

Omniline Impulse
High Performance Impulse Rejection System

Omniline Airblast
High Performance Airblast Rejection System

Omniline Crate
Crate & Case Rejection System

Calibration Solutions

OmniCheck Testing
Fill Level

OmniCheck Testing
Leak Detection

Operator/Maintenance Training

Parts & Service

Onsite / Remote Service Calls

Tune-Up Revalidation Services

System Upgrades

Replacement Parts & Consumables

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