OmniCheck LDS

The Omnifission Leak Detection System (LDS) is a fully automatic in-line inspection system for use with metal, glass and plastic containers in the food, beverage, and brewing industries. It can distinguish between low and high pressure/vacuum in containers by combining a variety of technologies to create a dynamic 2D/3D image and calculate the profile difference between good and bad containers. Adaptive algorithms maintain accurate inspection despite normal height, width and position variances. A rapid-fire laser scans the surface of the container, pairing the can or bottle profile with acceptable profile parameters.

The LDS seamlessly integrates into existing production lines and requires minimal line space. Automatic removal of non-conforming products from the production line can be further achieved with the addition of an Omnifission Omniline Impulse Rejector.

The Leak Detection System can also be used in other standard and custom applications requiring seal integrity and 100% non-contact inspection.

Leak Detection System

Features & Benefits

* High Speed Inspection, up to 1600 Containers Per Minute
* Detects Deformed Closures
* Detects Misplaced Closures
* Detects Low Pressure or Lack of Vacuum
* Works on Metal, Glass or Plastic Containers
* Works on Non-Pressurized Foil Closures
* GMP Design
* 22” Touch-Screen Interface with Remote Access
* Compact SS IP65 Electronics Enclosure
* Integrated UPS with Power Monitoring
* High Resolution Encoder Tracking
* FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant
* Optional Omniline rejection system