OmniCheck 1X

The OmniCheck 1X is a versatile single camera vision inspection system that performs one specific function, it can be configured as a cap inspection system, label inspection system, closure inspection system and can also perform carton inspection as well as detect broken / missing tamper-evident bands. This system performs 100% automatic product inspection and can be integrated with one of our Omniline brand of product rejectors to provide an entry level turn-key product inspection system.

Label Presence System

Features & Benefits

* 100% Automatic Product Inspection
* High Resolution Camera for 180 Degree cap inspection
* Detects the presence of labels on bottles
* Detects broken / missing tamper-evident bands
* Camera and LED lighting hardware
* SS adjustable system raising mechanism
* PLC and I/O Hardware w / LED Beacon and line-stop output
* GMP Design
* 22” Touch-Screen Interface with remote access
* Compact SS IP65 Electronics Enclosure
* Integrated UPS with Power Monitoring
* High Resolution Encoder Tracking
* FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant
* Optional Omniline rejection system