Omniline Impulse Rejector

The Omniline High Performance Impulse Rejector can seamlessly remove defective products from the production line at speeds of up to 2400 containers per minute by gently pushing them off onto a rotary accumulation table or product reject conveyor without line interruption and loss of production time.

Impulse Rejector System

Features & Benefits

* Low Pressure (50 psi) High Speed (8ms / cycle)
* Capable of rejecting up to 2400 containers per minute
* Uses a single actuator (only one moving part ) reducing maintenance & downtime
* High Performance Pneumatic Valve
* Long life components provide excellent system reliability
* Operates from Full Stop to Maximum Speed with no performance degradation
* Upright product rejection with various fill heights (application specific)
* Automatically adjusts for various container diameters
* Performs on all container types & sizes without adjustment or change parts
* 12 Month Full System Warranty (including the pad)
* Available with Soft or Hard Pad Configuration
* Complete System includes conveyor mount and air controls