OmniCheck Empty Can Inspection

The Omnifission Empty Can Inspection System (ECI) is a fully automatic in-line inspection and rejection system for use with metal or aluminum cans in the food, beverage, and brewing industries. It seamlessly integrates into existing canning lines and requires minimal line space. Deformed, distorted, and damaged cans are automatically ejected from the production line prior to reaching the filling and seaming operations, consequently avoiding lost production time due to filler or seamer jams. The ECI can be configured and calibrated to fit most standard applications as well as a variety of custom applications.

Empty Can Inspection System/Machine

Features & Benefits

* Automatic In-Line Inspection & Rejection System
* Operates at up to 2400 Cans Per Minute
* Detects:
– Damaged / Dented Flange (Reduces Leakers)
– Flange Ovality (Reduces Seamer Jams)
– Damaged / Dented Side Walls (Reduces Filler In-Feed Jams)
– Damaged / Dented Base
– Foreign Particles
* Accurate product tracking at Full Production Speeds
* Utilizes an OMNILINE High-Speed Airblast Rejector
* GMP Design
* 22” Touch-Screen Interface with Remote Access
* Compact IP65 Electronics Enclosure
* Integrated UPS with Power Monitoring
* Optional Graphics Identification
* Specifically designed for Airveyor Applications