OmniCheck Empty Bottle Inspection

The Omnifission Empty Bottle Inspection System (EBI) is a fully automatic in-line inspection and rejection system for use with bottles and other glass containers. It seamlessly integrates into existing production lines and requires minimal line space.

The main function of the bottle inspection system is to inspect and detect damaged glass containers and to ensure that good containers are clean and contaminant free before moving to the filling, capping and labeling functions of the production line. Rejecting defective containers from the production line reduces expensive product waste and eliminates production line downtime due to leaking or broken glass containers.

The bottle inspection system can be integrated with one of our Omniline brand of product rejection systems to provide a turn-key inspection system to track, inspect and reject non-conforming glass bottles and containers. System capabilities include inspection of the container base, finish, inner sidewalls, outer sidewalls, and the ability to view stored images of rejected containers as well as perform data collection functions to monitor production line efficiency.

Empty Bottle Inspection Machine/System

Features & Benefits

* Empty Bottle Inspection System
* Inspects Base, Finish, Inner Sidewall and Outer Sidewall
* Bottle Sorting Capability
* Utilizes up to 8 High Resolution Cameras
* Modular Design with Small Footprint
* Reject Image Library
* User Friendly GUI
* Production Speeds of up to 520 bottles per minute
* 22” Touch-Screen Interface with Remote Access
* Compact SS IP67 Electronics Enclosure
* Integrated UPS with Power Monitoring
* High Resolution Encoder Tracking
* FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant
* Optional Omniline rejection system