Omniline Case Rejector

The Omniline Case / Crate Rejection System can be provided as an additional component to our brand of OmniCheck product inspection systems or other brands of inspection machinery. With it’s compact design it can be utilized in tight production spaces and can be floor mounted for greater stability. It operates at line speeds of up to 160 products per minute and provides reliable automatic rejection (without production line interruption) of non-conforming cases, crates or trays due to damaged packaging, mislabeling, underweight, overweight, and other product defects.

Features & Benefits

* Pneumatically Driven Rejection System
* 4”-12” Stroke Distance
* 6”-8” Wide Soft Rejector Pad
* Capable of rejecting up to 160 cases per minute
* Maximum line speed of 360 feet per minute
* Single actuator minimizing complexity and maintenance
* Adjustable exhaust and input ports for fine tuning
* Optional Soft Pad available to prevent product rejection damage