OmniCheck 3DL-HD

The OmniCheck 3DL-HD Case/Crate Inspection System is designed to operate on production lines running at up to 160 cases per minute. It will inspect for residual containers, broken, missing, or misplaced bottles, missing caps, high bottles, high flaps and unwanted debris between bottles. This system can be used to inspect for damaged, misplaced or missing shipping case partitions, defective secondary packaging, missing products in shrink bundles or shrink wrapped trays. The OmniCheck 3DL-HD can also function as a product profiling system that can be configured and calibrated to handle even the most challenging product inspection requirements.

Features & Benefits

* 3D Laser Profiler – Technology Leader
* 100% Automatic Product Inspection
* High Speed Inspection – Up to 160 Cases / Crates Per Minute
* Detects Residual Bottles / Debris in Empty Cases / Crates
* Detects Missing / Misplaced Bottles in Full Cases / Crates
* Detects High Bottles (Min. Difference of 20 mm)
* Detects Missing Caps
* Detects Debris Between bottles in Full Cases / Crates
* High Flaps
* Detects missing or damaged case partitions
* Detects defective secondary packaging
* GMP Design
* 22” Touch-Screen Interface with Remote Access
* Compact SS IP65 Electronics Enclosure
* Integrated UPS with Power Monitoring
* High Resolution Encoder Tracking
* FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant
* Optional Omniline rejection system