Omnifission USA is the exclusive distributor of Omnifission, Inc. quality control solutions, parts and service in the United States. In association with our Canadian counterparts we handle all aspects of successful turn-key equipment implementation from design assistance, purchase, installation, commissioning and training of your personnel.

Omnifission Inc. is a Canadian-owned full-service engineering and manufacturing company supplying and servicing quality control solutions for more than 160 manufacturing plants across North America, Latin America and the Caribbean.
Our proprietary quality control solutions are found in production lines throughout the food, beverage, brewing, spirit distilling, cosmetics, chemical, wine, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries.

All solutions begin with the relationship we build with you and your company. We offer a range of product inspection systems based on Vision, X-Ray, Infra-Red and other inspection technologies. We work with you to understand all your inspection, rejection and calibration needs and customize the equipment to meet your requirements.

All Omnifission equipment is CSA certified in Toronto Canada to meet the highest industry standards. We are dedicated to servicing our customers by providing solutions to their engineering, quality control, and coding requirements. We manufacture a wide range of product inspection systems under the Omnicheck Brand name for Canada, the United States, the Caribbean and foreign customers. Omnicheck products are installed on three continents (Europe, Americas and Asia) and are used by major brewing and beverage companies. The Omniline Rejectors are the fastest and most reliable rejection systems in the industry offering reliable operation at speeds of up-to 2400 containers per minute.

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