Omnifission USA in association with Omnifission Canada specialize in turn-key vision inspection systems and additional product inspection technologies for standard and custom product inspection applications. We serve the Food, Beverage, Brewery, Distilled Spirits, Wineries, Chemical, Cosmetics, Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical Industries.

There are many options for vision / product inspection on the market today, but not all provide single source responsibility. Our inspection systems track your product through the entire inspection process, inspect for predetermined quality control criteria, automatically detect, reject non-conforming products without production line interruption and provide production data to monitor production line efficiencies. We provide single source responsibility for every system we deliver. Our systems offer seamless backward compatibility and allow for expansion in the future. Please contact us and let us know how we can help. We look forward to working with you and becoming your vendor of choice.

Omnifission USA
US Sales Office
Houston, Tx
Phone: 855.921.9900
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Omnifission Canada
1900 Clark Blvd.
Units 1 & 2
Brampton, ON
L6T 0E9